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1 GBP = 1.09598 EUR

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1 EUR = 0.91201 GBP

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Choose from the list below to select your currency pairs you require to complete your currency exchange, once you know which currencies you wish to transfer into its then a case of selecting your currency options which enable a foreign exchange currency provider send your money based on your timescales and currency option.

Send Money Abroad Without Hassles

If you are planning to transfer money overseas then you will need to approach a reliable company offering money transfer services. There are several companies out of which you can choose the one that fits your requirements. You may think that when you can use your currency exchange abroad, transferring money is a waste of time. But, the fact is that this is a better, safer and convenient method to use. For transferring money, it is essential that you consult a renowned currency exchange company to discuss the charges that may apply.

It is worth checking out with a bank that can provide a service where you can open a charge free bank account to help you transfer funds. While the transactions may be charge free, an essential consideration is the exchange rate that the bank will offer you. In case you are willing to transfer currency online, then a firm dealing in on-line money transfer services could be just the right option. Opening up an account is usually not much of a hassle. Transferring over 1000 dollars just require your photo ID and address proof. This is required while setting up an account.

If you are a businessman and requires larger sums of money to transfer then it is worth speaking to a Foreign Exchange Broker. A broker can offer you better exchange rates than a bank does and when there will be a bigger amount of money involved, the difference will actually add on. Moreover, when you are transferring a huge amount of money abroad, then you can surely find a room for negotiation. In addition to this, you will find many brokers who will provide you a charge-free service if the amount transferred is within a certain limit.