Cheapest way to send money to Yemen

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Excel Currencies
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
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Send Money Transfer to Yemen from UK

Send money to Yemen from London?
Yemen is the second largest country in Arabian peninsula, which has been a developing country in the neighbourhood of Saudi Arabia. The insurgency, political and military turmoil in the country is posing threat to both itself and the regional powers.

Yemen had a long history of fractional unrest between north and south Yemen, but the recent onrush started in 2011, after Arab Spring extended its magnetic field to the Arab Peninsula. President Ali Abdullah Saleh
was ousted and Mansoor Hadi came to power.

Hadi had a support from the Sunnis a Muslim sect) of the south, while he was not acceptable by the Zaidi
(another Muslim sect) rebel group known as,"Hauthis" in the north.
They had also been named as,"Ansar Allah". The Hauthis, lifted arms and rebelled. Their fierce attacks and strategies forced the elected president, Hadi to flee the capital. The president made Aden, the de facto capital of Yemen, and began dwelling and struggling there.

Cheapest way to send money to Yemen

Still worse, in March the Hauthis followed Hadi to Aden and he left for Saudia Arabia in a boat. This incident showed a reflection of escape of Mehmet from Turkey, when Mustafa Kamal snatched the power from his hands, and he fled
in a mere car. But the case of Yemen is not the same, as the rebels are not in majority in Yemen. The Hauthis represent one-third of the Yemen's population, moreover, they are basically northerners and south still backs Hadi.

So this partiality may lead Yemen to bisection of the country, as was the case before Ali Abdullah Saleh. The Yemen security forces are now fractioned and have joined the flanks of either the Hauthis or supporters of Hadi. When the rebels stepped in Aden, it was an alarm for regional powers.

Saudi Arabia, leading a coalition of five gulf and six other countries intervened and launched air strikes on Hauthis.

Iran is also suspicious of supporting Hauthis by means of arms and finance. Though Iran had denied having been involved in the insurgency in any way, is still a key player of the region. Both sunni-ruled Saudia Arabia, and
Shia-ruled Iran have always been in struggle for regional influence. Yemen lies on Babul-Mandab strait that links Red Sea with Gulf of Aden.

This water channel is used for oil shipment, and thus Saudi is concerned about this oil trade route. In addition, Saudia is also worried about a large number of immigrants that rush to Saudia every year. The porous border and weak neighbour under Shia-Zaidi-Hauthi insurgents is posing serious threat to Saudia Arabia. Today Yemen is in the state of civil war in opinion of some intellectuals.

Cheapest way to send money transfer to Yemen

Transfer from Yemen to UK? The Yemeni Rial is the money of Yemen. Our money rankings demonstrate that the most well known Yemen Rial swapping scale is the USD to YER rate. The cash code for Rials is YER, and the money image is ·¼. Underneath, you'll
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High inflation in Yemen?
The inflation rate in Yemen is very high and as a result many people who wish to transfer money to Yemen will do so when the exchange rate is good. By doing this you can ensure that your recipient in Yemen will receive more money. While there is little you can do about the rate of inflation within a country, you can keep an eye on the exchange rate and ensure that you take full advantage when this is more generous. So how can you do this quickly and easily from home?

send money to Yemen from UK

Use a currency converter for Yemen?
One way to get the very best exchange rate is to use a currency converter. These can easily be found online and are totally free of charge to use. They reflect the most recent exchange rate for any foreign currency, including the Yemen Riel so you know exactly how much your recipient will be getting. It takes a matter of moments to see the currency rate Yemen Riel are following, simply enter the amount of money you wish to send to your recipient (in your own currency) and the converter will do the rest for you.

Send Money Transfer to Yemen

Yemen money transfers risks?
By arranging a money transfer to Yemen you are helping your recipient to avoid any risks. These can occur when trying to exchange foreign currency in Yemen. The state itself is very unstable so it makes more sense to send money directly to your recipient rather than having them exchange money themselves.