Cheapest way to send money to Cambodia

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
100,000 gets you: 99,000 KHR
Rational FX
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.7%
100,000 gets you: 99,300 KHR
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
100,000 gets you: 99,000 KHR
First Direct Bank
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
100,000 gets you: 95,000 KHR
Bank of America
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
100,000 gets you: 95,000 KHR

Send Money Transfer to Cambodia from UK

Money transfer in Cambodia has been eased a lot by CMT money transfer. Before, cheques and orders were used to
facilitate it. They are scarcely used at the moment. CMT has provided a long standing solution that has seen money transfer within Finland on the rise. Among the services offered by them is providing guidelines that help the user
transaction mechanisms.

Best Ways to Make Money Transfers to Cambodia?
CMT advises that if one is sending regular payments abroad, a foreign exchange broker should be used to ensure
that the client gets the most out of his/her exchange rate. After selecting an agent, you should fill their application form and provide your identification credentials. Once the account is open, confirm the amount to be sent and the
money is channelled to their account.

Types of Options to Send Money to Cambodia?
Several options are available for sending money in Cambodia as Recommended by CMT. To start with is credit cards
such as MasterCard, visa and euro cheques cards. Its advisable that one confirms with the credit card company before going for a holiday. Besides, one use traveller's cheques though it's recommended that they be in either dollars, pounds sterling or euros. 

Cheapest way to send money to Cambodia

Restrictions on Sending Money to Cambodia?
Sending of local and foreign currency is restricted to the amount imported for non-residents, usually set to
1,682 pounds or equivalent for the residents.

Restrictions on Receiving Money in Cambodia?
When receiving money in Cambodia, the service charge is added to the restaurant or bar and hotel bills. 

Process to Send Money to Cambodia?
Making regular transfers to Cambodia, you first open a currency exchange account then choose a good broker.
Provide your ID and fill their application form. Confirm the amount to be sent and transfer the amount to their bank account and the transfer is facilitated.

Brief Economic Trend of Cambodia?
Cambodia's economy has had torrid economic time since the onset of the financial crisis and the euro crisis that
followed late. There are hopes that adjustments will be done and allow Finland to benefit.

Main Bank in Cambodia?
In Cambodia, the bank of Finland is the central bank in the city.

Cheapest way to send money transfer to Cambodia

CMT is worth to use due to its reduced costs and the framework it provides anyone using them must abide by
their set terms and conditions in the city of Cambodia.

Transfer from Cambodia to UK?
Foreign currency can be hard to exchange in Cambodia? The currency that is used in Cambodia is the Riel although US Dollars and Thai Bhat are also accepted in some places. To get the most from the exchange take a look at the currency rate Cambodia currency is being sold for prior to completing your transfer. Do this and you can transfer when the rate is good.

send money to Cambodia from UK

Credit card use is limited in Cambodia?
While credit cards that have been travel money cards can be an excellent way to send money to someone in a foreign country it is not a good idea for someone who is in Cambodia. There are only a few tourist orientated shops and restaurants that accept them which would make them practically useless for a Cambodian citizen. A money transfer to Cambodia is not only faster than sending a pre paid credit card; it also means that your recipient can get their money directly.

Send Money Transfer to Cambodia

Other currencies are not accepted in Cambodia?
It is not advisable to send any other type of currency as they are not widely accepted. Only traveller’s cheques in US Dollars should be considered and even these can be hard to exchange. Rather than create problems it is better to set up a currency transfer to Cambodia instead of foreign currency.