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XendPay Currency Exchange Review - Money Transfer Quote

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.116
Exchange Rate You Get: 111,649


Unlike today previously transferring money overseas was very expensive, risky and a slow process full of stress. On the other hand today transferring money round the globe has become very simple, easy and quick, it can be done through banks, foreign exchange bureaus, currency exchange brokers and other agents those are engaged in providing travelling money and exchanging currency.

XendPay Review

In present internet era now the transferring of money has become more convenient and easy as for transferring your money you need not go from your place; money can be transferred sitting at one place through online transfers and money can be transferred while you are mobile by transferring through the mobile app and online payment gateways. Only what is important is to make the correct choice through which you will be making international payments anywhere round the globe.

XendPay ltd

Xendpay is one of the world’s fastest growing private financial business services located in London. Xendpay is the part of the well-known and popular Rational Group that includes FCA authorised payment institute with its name Rational FX. Xendpay specializes in providing its customers an online platform through which they can send money abroad with full safety and security on incurring very low costs. Xendpay is the fairest, fast and cheapest way of transferring money with a view to let its customers gets the most of their money. Xendpay carries no hidden charges and transact their transactions with full transparency with no fees it charges and offers its customers best, superior and most competitive exchange rates. Xendpay always have been aiming at reducing the cost of international money transfers for the benefiting their customers. It is the first broker who is genuinely providing its customers international money transfer service at completely free of cost. Xendpay encourages its customers to earn some more by referring Xendpay to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

XendPay UK

The services and efficiency along with exchange rates much superior than high street banks and even other money exchange brokers that Xendpay provides to its customers have made it to become one of the most likeable systems of transferring money online and thereby its customers are multiplying daily. As a frequent user of Xendpay, I would say that it provides its customers very prompt and reliable services. The customer service at Xendpay is excellent, fast cheap and safe.

XendPay Money Transfer

I am satisfied and happy for doing all my foreign exchange exchanges and transfers through Xendpay as no other broker can give such mind blowing rates that Xendpay gives to its customers. Now after experiencing Xendpay services for two years I do not wish to leave them and take the risk with others. Before coming to Xendpay, I had hard times shifting from one broker to other for transferring my money overseas. At Xendpay I have learnt what actually importance and of customers mean to them and for that they put their full efforts to satisfy their customers by giving them fantastic services at low rates. I have referred many people to Xendpay and so would I continue doing so in future too.

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