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Western Union Currency Exchange Review - International Money Transfer Services

Company: Western Union
Margin Rate: 4
Commission Rate: 0
FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

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With Western Union online foreign exchange service; you can arrange your currency exchange online or over the phone with the Western Union currency broker. In fact, the moment you complete an online application form with Western Union you will be assigned a personal or business account manager who will explain how to complete a currency transfer with Western Union, what the rules and guidelines of doing a foreign exchange transfer overseas and how they can save you money.

Whether you’re buying an overseas property, emigrating, paying bills, or making a currency transaction for any other reason, Western Union can save you money on your currency transfers.

Western Union deal directly with the currency markets, which means Western Union can offer highly competitive exchange rates on all major currencies, often beating the bank’s rate from 3%t to 5%

Western Union can offer the best exchange rates
Western Union can offer same day money transfers
Western Union offers 0% Commission Rate
Western Union offer free currency transfers over £5000
Free market updates with Western Union
To obtain a free quotation online, fill in the simple form to the right and a personal account manager will contact you to find out your requirements. All currency advice including the quotation is free from Western Union

When ordering your foreign currency confirm what charges may apply, also confirm what currencies they do. In most cases Western Union cover most currencies in the range of up to 67 currencies.

Western Union Payment Types

Western Union offers Spot Exchange Rate – This is the exchange rate, which is used as the real exchange rate for any currency and at the current prices of market. Mainly derived by the market called FOREX, based of flow of demand and supply of particular currency, this exchange rate used on a minute-by-minute basis of the exchange rate.

  1. Bi-lateral Exchange Rate – Very simple in calculation, this rate is based on the way in which you can trade one currency against the other one. For e.g.: Sterling/US Dollar.
  2. Forward Exchange Rate – This exchange rate is based on forward rate the currency will have in some fixed future time. Such exchange rate is generally fixed n used by business houses and banks, which wants to reduce the risk of exchange rate uncertainty of the market.
  3. Effective Exchange Rate Index (EER) – This exchange rate is calculated with of sterling values’ weighted index with many international currencies. Then the proportion is determined based on the weights for proportionate trade between the United Kingdom and each country.
  4. Real Exchange Rate – This exchange rate is calculated based on a ratio of the indices of domestic price between two countries. Thus, a rise in the rate of domestic real exchange indicates deterioration of competitiveness in the international sphere for that country.
    Additional terms by Western Union

Western Union currency will be delivered Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays
Cut-off for next day delivery online is 2pm and for telephone orders it's 3pm, though delivery to certain remote parts of the UK may take up to three to seven working days
Telephone orders are available for Western Union customers and depending on the amount, Western Union may charge a fee to transfer your money.
Whether you’re buying an overseas property, emigrating, paying bills, or making a currency transaction for any other reason, Western Union can save you money on your currency transfers.

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