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TransferGo Reviews - Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 3%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.114
Exchange Rate You Get: 111,445

Review and Introduction to TransferGo Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

TransferGo Foreign Currency Exchange Rates operates as an effective online bank with the assist in international money transfer. So, The company gives secure money transfer at low cost and in the fastest mean as across the world. Through TransferGo limited one can pay for international money transfer using the local bank. Or even using the credit card or debit card with no extra charge. In addition, By this means money guaranteed to reach the destination.

The company headquarters is in canary wharf, London which is Europe most lag technology accelerator level39. So,Transfer company has operated with over two million customers with the transaction of over 100 million euros. From this TransferGo becomes the top choice for faster and efficient money transfer to bank accounts.

TransferGo company in a position to transfer money at a very low flat fee to over 45 countries. And with good exchange margins.For the standard transaction. The customer guaranteed to have the money to have reached the destination by 5:30 pm on the next business day. Some fasters options available mostly for transfer of money from the UK. In these funds delivered the following morning of the working day and also express service, i.e., the today service. There other services which have an extra charge of 1-4 euros they include.

· Now service, it is where the transaction takes 30 minutes

· Today service, its where the operation occurs on the same business day.

· Express service, it’s the service where the transaction was done for at most one day where the money reaches the destination the next morning of a business day.

Pros of using TransferGo online money transfer services

· TransferGo offers the faster means to send money.
· Through TransferGo, customers enjoy low and real exchange rates.
· There are straightforward and transparent fees margins.
· There is security for your money during the transaction.
· The company is trustworthy.

Cons of TransferGo online money transfer services

· Though TransferGo Foreign Currency Exchange Rates, one can send money only to the bank account.
· It is not one of the best solutions when the transaction involves significant amounts of money.
· There I a long verification process of the customer which demands to be carried out by law.
· During the maintenance of the systems, the transaction may take more than one business day which may be unconfining the customer.

Can TransferGo online money transfer services be trusted?

The Financial Conduct Authority has regulated TransferGo Foreign Currency Exchange Rates. So, It Means that it an Authorised and licensed payment institution. It has also been verified bet the Her Majesty Revenue and Customs in the UK. Also, TransferGo money transfer services offer secure services to their customers. The client's funds kept in separate accounts from the company account. This to ensure that the fund not mixing with the transfers business funds.

By these, the money safe to in case of any financial difficulties of the company. From the company employs, it has noticed that the company is ambitious and hardworking with talented employees. The company rated with 5-star qualifying it to be a proud camp only. Transfer Go has a large number of renowned investors who have invested over 8m dollars.the investment helps to sustain a monthly growth rate of 20%. Hence, It the most significant investment in financial services startup in Lithuania.

Transaction fees in TransferGo online money transfer services

In TransferGo, a flat with a charge of 0.99 EUR/ 0.99 GP/ 10 SEK/ 20 NOK /500HUK/9PLN/9RON this depending on which currency exchange sent.

Exchange rates

TransferGo converts money b the worldwide mind market interbank rates.this is minus 0.4% -2.2% margins. Also, The exchange rate has locked before the transaction to make sure that the client knows how much money will reach the destination bank.

Other Fees

There are no extra charges.exept in the cases where the customer requires using The Now Service

Creating an account

To create an account in TransferGo Foreign Currency Exchange Rates. So, One requires having a document for identification which may include National ID card which has a photo or passport. One can apply for membership online. To have an account in TransferGo limited one needs to have a copy of a document showing your name and your address which should be from a reliable institution. Also, It can contain the address, financial statement. A Letter was written by government bodies or even a utility bill, e.g., council tax, UK mortgage statement electricity, etc.


In conclusion, TransferGo Foreign Currency Exchange Rates gives one of the best means of money transfer all over the world. Hence, The services offered b transfer to its clients make it preferable than using the banks. Therefore I highly recommend the use of TransferGo money transfer services.

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