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Standard Chartered International Wire Transfer Payments

Standard Chartered Bank
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.067
Exchange Rate You Get: 106,714

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Standard Chartered Bank International Money Transfer

If you are in need of transferring your money to your home or want to make payments to your sellers abroad than today you need not worry. The different modes of transferring payments have shortened the international market into one common market place. Money can be transferred easily, safely and quickly unlike years back transferring money overseas was a great matter of concern and security.

There are banks, foreign exchange bureaus, money transfer agents and other institutes who are dedicated to provide this service both online and in branch. Sitting at one place you can make several money transfer transactions at your convenience.

Now the matter of concern is through whom should you transfer your money in the safe, secured, and fastest way. It is also important to save the transfer charges that many charge heavily. Standard Chartered Bank having UK based is serving round the globe in more than seventy countries. It is a lot in demand for the banking services and the transfer services of money internationally that it provides to its customers in different ways and instantly. Standard Chartered Bank the name itself is the name of trust and faith among the millions of customers spread worldwide.

Standard Chartered Bank International Money Transfers

Standard Chartered Bank has a variety of products and services related with transfer of funds for different purposes in different manner, all these varied natured transfer facilities are tailored as to the needs of individuals.

With Standard Chartered Bank account you can transfer your account funds also for trading purpose which can be done online simply by clicking on the fund transfer link on your trading account. Thereby you will get a clear picture of the available funds with you that can be transferred by you into your trading account.

Standard Chartered Bank International Wire Transfer

Wire Transfer at Standard Chartered Bank enables you to have an electronic speedy transfer of your money to your beneficiary internationally. This transfer can take place by simply instructing your local bank to send the money to Standard Chartered Bank’s local account that is held with the correspondent bank.

Standard Chartered Bank transfers the money to your beneficiary’s account within twenty-four hours after receiving the funds in their account that is held with the correspondent bank. You can also transfer your money from ATM to your account known as A2A channel of transfer. While transferring your funds through A2A channel you need to make sure that you enter accurate details for remitter account number and amount.

Standard Chartered Bank International Wire Transfer Fee

Such transfers can be made to any savings account, individual current account and to NRO account with Standard Chartered Bank. Standard Chartered Bank is well renowned for its instant transfers at minimum charges with zero paper work. Hence Standard Chartered Bank has made transfer of money very easy and simple at minimum cost.

Standard Chartered Bank International Money Transfer Payments

Through IBFT Standard Chartered Bank allows its customer a facility of Inter Bank Fund transfer to its customers to transfer their funds from their Standard Chartered Bank account to beneficiary’s account with any bank. Standard Chartered Bank also offers you a facility to transfer your money from your Standard Chartered Bank account to any Visa Card too. With priority banking services, Standard Chartered Bank also arranges funds for its customers in case of emergency cash services.

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Standard Chartered Bank

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