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Remit2India Limited Reviews - Currency Exchange Review

FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.091
Exchange Rate You Get: 109,147

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Remit2India Ltd currency exchange review on transferring funds takes place around the globe and round the clock daily. Nowadays people have started going for employment to other countries and so they regularly send money to their family in their hometowns. Transferring money overseas requires best exchange rates so as to get best out of our money.

Foreign currency exchange is a very fluctuating market which cannot be predictable at all and hence services of professionals. And experts help people to get competitive rates. And buy currency at the suitable time so that they can get best out of their money. High street banks, foreign exchange agents, currency brokers, financial institutes and other agents are actively participating in providing such services globally. They help their customers in fetching competitive exchange rates. And also in making payments worldwide at low commission fees.

Remit2India Currency Exchange

Remit2India is a very secured, safe, reliable and convenient way of sending your money to India from any corner of the world. Remit2India allows you to send money to India online at zero fees. By registering yourself on Remit2India website you become eligible to send money to India online from any part of the world. You can also access your accounts from anywhere and at any time of your convenient.

Remit2India has now made transferring of money to India as a very easy, fast, simple and secure process. Not only your salary to your family but you can send money to India for multiple purposes like for buying a property in India. Paying off your loans and other debts, to your Indian suppliers and etc.

Remit2India Ltd has several options for online transfers, money via ACH, Net Banking, Wire Transfers. Cheque transfers and other modes to transfer money to India. Remit2India claims to give you the best currency exchange rates that would help you to make lots of savings.

Remit2India International payments

While you are making transfers with Remit2India you can even keep a track of your money online. With Remit2India transfer service you can also set up your payment alerts for those payments that you have to make regularly. I would like to share my personal experience that I had with Remit2India; it had been an awful experience which till date never had with any other such kind of firm or bank.

Use Remit2India UK if working in Qatar and my family staying in a southern part of India. I have to send money every month to my family in India. Previously I used to send either through banks or western union. But on being introduced to Remit2India I tried it and regret.

It is the worst system of transferring the money that I had ever seen. The customer support staffs are not at all responsive and helpful. They are not at all committed to their words as their quotes are different in the beginning of the transaction and vary by the time you are about to complete your transaction.

They demand your identity and after that also numbers of calls are on your number disturbing you. I would never like to recommend anyone to use the services of Remit2India which is just horrible and they try to fool its customers.

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