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PureFX Limited Review - Money Exchange Services

FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 2%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.097
Exchange Rate You Get: 109,686

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Pure FX

Using Pure FX Money Exchange is a safer way so the dealers can monitor the foreign currency exchange markets as they hold a great degree of fluctuation in the market and so does it is necessary to have such dealings with reliable sources and brokers than to be cheated. It is important that along with reliability we have safety and security of our funds and also that they are transferred quickly to out desired destinations.

High street banks though expensive but is the most reliable sources through which foreign exchange transactions can be done. Nowadays apart from banks there are foreign exchange bureaus, currency brokers, financial institutes and other agents who also offer us these foreign currency services and transfer money facilities along with other facilities.

Pure FX Reviews

Online transfers have brought a great revolution and transparency of market and transactions to a great extent in this market. With net banking transfers can be made at any time of your convenience and from your choice of place.

Lloyds Group PLC is the principle bank of Pure FX FCA regulated currency broker. Pure FX specialises in providing foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions to both private individuals and corporate clients.

The quality of service that Pure FX offers is a very high quality and professional service to its customers and at the same time it also provides its every customer with a personal dedicated currency dealer who would assist and guide the customers at every step of executing their transactions.

Pure FX Ltd

The most interesting and appealing thing that I liked about Pure FX is that the currency dealers here are very friendly, polite and speak the language that their customer understands; by this they are able to help their customers without any confusion and thereby help them to transfer their money overseas faster than what they would be able to do themselves.

Pure FX also offers you an option of transfer on priority basis by which the transfer can be made on the same day through their principle bank, on the other hand online transfers are done on the same day or at the most within twenty four hours.

Pure FX Money Exchange

My experience with Pure FX had been a great one and at the same time I had enjoyed their high class services wherein they also provide us with a irrevocable proof of the completion of international transfers by giving us the receipt in which the they give all the account details stating the amount, destination and to whom the transfer has been made. Pure FX helps you to fix the exchange rates through several options like Forward Contract, and Time Option.

For all your exchange preferences you can even chat to a currency dealer of Pure FX online. Pure FX also supports its customers in every way for buying and selling property overseas. But only one thing is that Pure FX is not a service that can be availed by a common man as their service charges and fees is very expensive than any other bank or currency brokers.


Except the fees part the services of Pure FX is brilliant, excellent and efficient, they give full importance to their customers and are extremely helpful to them responding every query of their customers at every point of time.

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