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Punjab National Bank International Wire Transfer Payments

Punjab National Bank
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.091
Exchange Rate You Get: 109,147

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Punjab National Bank International Money Transfers as the success of a business is totally dependent on the financial management of the business. A good financial management of business includes an hassle-free mobility of funds. Today transfer of money acts as the mainstream of financial institutions. Money transferred not only by corporate or business sectors it also transferred for personal use. And for online purchases and or for mortgaging over overseas properties.

These transfers of funds overseas are carried by foreign exchange bureaus, money lenders, banks. Currency converters and or by other financial institutes who by charging their fees transfer your money overseas. Today people found going for jobs to abroad and hence they need to send money back to their homes.

Punjab National Bank International Money Transfers

Punjab National Bank mostly abbreviated as PNB, is an Indian financial institution serving its customers since the eighteenth century. Hence, Punjab National Bank International Money Transfers offers its customers all sorts of banking facilities like personal, corporate. International, agricultural and social banking services.

Consequently, Punjab National Bank International Money Transfers moving with time also allows its customers to have the privilege of banking through the internet. Mobile phone and over the phone along with banking over the counter in its branches. The caption that PNB International Money Transfers carries with it is ‘The name you can Bank upon. ’ Is utterly against to the kind of services and attitude that it carries with its customers.

Though it claims to give its customers all facilities for international remittances the actual ground level is extremely different. I had extremely horrible experience banking with Punjab National Bank International Wire Transfer and on that basis. I believe paying extra charges is better than banking with PNB. My online banking account was blocked without informing me. And when asked them the reason for doing so; then they had no valid reasons to it.

Punjab National Bank International Wire Transfers

Because of it, I had to face lots of business issues and finally. I shifted my account to another bank. Punjab National Bank International Wire Transfer assures you speedy transfer of your funds through their tie-ups abroad with other financial institutes situated globally. PNB does big talks and portrays its services to be highly efficient and professionalised for the importers. And exporters and for people who want to make investments overseas. But it only a trap where you may get trapped and difficult to come out.

They provide utter nuisance services and upon that the customer care people and other bankers are very poor in responding to you back. Though they impress you by telling the varied modes of transfer of money that they have like MoneyGram, Xpress Money, Ezremit. Transfast and others through which you can transfer money to India. But while doing so you will face lots of problems and no one to respond to you. All this would make you ultimately regret banking with Punjab National Bank International Wire Transfers.

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Punjab National Bank

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