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Post Office Currency Exchange Review - International Payments

The Post Office
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 2%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.126
Exchange Rate You Get: 112,594

Post Office Currency exchange services make money transfers look easy especially. As today at some of the other point of the level, we look upon for the services. Through which we can make international payments overseas and or transfer money overseas. With the increase in overseas employment and increase in overseas education. Seen that there has been a great increase in the transfer of money at a personal level.

Also at a corporate level, the widening of markets and online shopping have drastically created a demand for overseas payment. And receipts of money from overseas. Banks, non-banking institutes, post offices, money exchange brokers. Foreign exchange bureaus and other agents are engaged in the services of currency exchange and money transfers overseas.

Post Office Currency Exchange

Post-Offices International Payments promises to provide you with an excellent service for you. For your all online requirements be it your mail or broadband package or any insurances, your savings account. Your online payments and international transfers among the others.

Post offices International Payments welcome you to consider them as your first choice as a business collaborates in context with handling your emails. Parcels, sending money abroad and so on. Post offices offer you a wide range of services like cash collection service, post office payout. MoneyGram cash transfers, International Business Payments and many other services. Money transfer through Post Office should be fast, secure and reliable. With this intention, only I had used the

Post Office Currency Exchange services for transferring money abroad. Not once but thrice I had literally suffered because of the horrible services they provide to its customers. Post Offices claim that they offer its customers a secured and fee free service for their international payments overseas at the most competitive rates. They have a variety of payment options from which you can choose the best suiting your requirements.

Post Office International Payments

The Post Office currency exchange team is just expert in misguiding you with their false. And big promises as in practice they even fail to provide you with a decent service. They have several hidden charges that at the time of the completion of your transaction you realise it.

It was like a traumatic nightmare when I had asked them to make certain regular payments for paying off the utility bills of my son who was studying in the university overseas. Overstressed and tired until the time I had been dealing with Post Office for those regular payments made. Rather I also had to pay late payment charges on the payments being delivered late.

The customer service is not at all there, they do not even reply to your emails. Phones and visits to their branches if they reply then they are very rude in their replies. The website also is very slow and many times it is not working properly.

My all hopes and expectations that I had from Post Office International Payments. And their services was shattered to pieces. With such a bad experience here, I would never recommend anyone to use the Post Office International Payments services for sending money overseas. Instead of opting for post office it is better to choose some other private money transfer broker. Consequently, who would be reliable for transferring your hard earned money.

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