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Orbit Remit Limited Review - Money Transfer Services

FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1.5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.117
Exchange Rate You Get: 111,729

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OrbitRemit money transfer services make currency transfers easy as pie. Especially as today the Internet has brought a dynamic and speedy wave in banking and non-banking transactions too. Nowadays for performing your transfers of money, you need not go to the bank counters or agent’s office and waste your time standing in long queues and filling the paperwork, as all this now you can perform on the tip of your fingers sitting at your place and at any hour of time with the help of online services. Banks, foreign exchange bureaus, currency brokers and other agents provide you money transferring facility online that can be done without and hassles and delays.

Large sums of money are transferred daily round the clock globally at both personal and business levels. In today’s world, we have several options to choose from the large variety of forex brokers, banks and other agents to help us to transact our transactions relating to transferring money, exchanging foreign currencies and so on.

OrbitRemit Reviews

OrbitRemit is considered as worlds one of the simplest and safe money transfer service which helps you to save lots of your money while you make international payments. OrbitRemit enables you to make international payments online in only three simple steps that are; firstly, you need to create an electronic payment instruction on the Orbit Remit website and thereafter you have to state the total amount that you need to transfer overseas. Then wire the payment that is to be transferred to your Orbit Remit Account through your bank at free of cost.

Once your money is received in your OrbitRemit account then they generally transfer your funds within next twenty-four hours to your beneficiary overseas. OrbitRemit offers you to earn high benefits and money through their referral programs wherein by referring OrbitRemit to your friends and family people. OrbitRemit charges you one flat fees for your transfers irrespective of any amount you transfer overseas.

OrbitRemit Ltd

They also give you excellent rates for your currency exchange that actually fetches you the good amount and high savings on your transfers. OrbitRemit is a great customer oriented online money transfer broker and so does it informs its customers throughout the money transfer process as to at what stage and where is their money until it finally reaches the beneficiaries account.

OrbitRemit Fees

You are informed through emails about the status changes that occur in your transfer transaction in order to assure you as to no delay occur in your transfer. OrbitRemit offers you a fantastic stress free service towards your recurring payments; let it be your student loan or mortgage payment and or any other regular payments that would have to be paid off either weekly or monthly as it suits you.

Orbit Remit

With Orbit Remit, I have enjoyed the stress free payment service in context with paying off my child’s education loan on monthly basis without instructing them again. The level of encryption here at OrbitRemit is very high thereby it maintains our money 100 % secured and safely. I would cherish recommending to others to use Orbit Remit for safe, secured, quick and best services for transferring your money overseas.

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