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OmnisFX Ltd Review - Money Transfer Services

OmnisFX Money Transfer
FCA Regualted: Not FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1.5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.132
Exchange Rate You Get: 113,169

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Omnis FX Ltd for transferring money today has become very easy, quick and simple. With simplicity and modification of transferring money through modern means via banks, foreign exchange bureaus. Currency brokers, and above all online transfers, mobile transfers and so on. Today the modes of transferring money have broadened the scope of money transfers for individuals personal needs. To be fulfilled as such for transferring their salaries to their hometowns. Or transferring money to their children who are studying abroad and transferring money to friends and relatives.

Transferring of money has now also become very convenient for the smooth functioning of business and corporate at the global level. Unlike before now the transfer of money has been legalised and hence daily billions of money transfer transactions. Are taking place worldwide through varied sources.

Omnis FX is a currency broker based in London. It an FCA registered and customs and excise licensed currency broker. Engaged in providing its customer's cost-efficient and the very competitive exchange rate at both private and corporate level.

Omnis FX

Since Omnis FX is directly involved in money markets and hence it is a better choice than high street banks or other brokers. Because of disposing of its client's most favourable exchange rates in compared to banks and other money brokers. Omnis FX is also very popular among its customers for its special service. Of enabling its clients to protect themselves from adverse market situations and prices by its facilities like:

  • STOP orders THAT allow Omnis FX clients to factor in a worst-case scenario. While holding out for a more favourable rate in the market to come.
  • LIMIT orders enable Omnis FX clients to choose to only buy one currency at the time when the rates are favourable.
  • FORWARD contracts allow its clients to fix prices at a future date to avoid the possibility of falling exchange rates.

Omnis FX has a great efficiency in providing a tailormade service to its clients best suitable for individuals needs. OmnisFX gives full support and attention to all its clients be it a corporate client or an individual client.

Omnis Capital Financial

It is expert in giving its clients all sorts of services like full forex exposure service to its corporate client. And provides complete foreign property transactions to its individual clients. Omnis FX firstly studies completely in detail about its client’s foreign exchange requirements. And then it would advise the client with the currency products that would be appropriate according to his requirements. No banks or other currency broker’s services are as efficient as Omnis FX in its transferring money. Foreign currency rates and regular updates of the market.

The advantages of using the services of Omnis FX money transfers that it provides dedicated account manager. Who would manage your finances and help you to get the best competitive rates? The transactions at Omnis FX money transfers is very safe. And secured with complete protection against the fluctuations existing in the exchange rate movements. Omnis FX money transfers do not charge any transaction fees. Or any receiving charges at the time when you receive funds. Also all your transactions you can complete it online on their website. You can open your account with Omnis FX money transfers at free of cost.

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OmnisFX Money Transfer

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OmnisFX Money Transfer
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OmnisFX Money Transfer

OmnisFX Money Transfer
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