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ICICI Bank International Money Transfer Payments Review

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.078
Exchange Rate You Get: 107,759

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Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Money Transfer

Money transferring from one country to other country worldwide has become a day to day routine. Trillions of money is daily transferred for personal, business and corporate purposes. With the introduction of Mobile Pay, Online payments and internet banking, transfer of money has gain wings spreading around without any hurdles.

A good business is judged by its swift payment system and a good payment system can be only done through smooth, fast, quick and hassle free transactions that your bank could help you with. A choice of a good bank can really help you make your business reach to new heights.

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Money Transfers

ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational banking and financial services company; it has also been awarded with the title of being the second largest bank of India in context to its assets and market capitalisation. ICICI Bank has made banking very easy and simple to manage your finances for having a great business. ICICI Bank has an extensive and superb payment and receipts system for its customers.

ICICI Bank International Money Transfer

There are varied types of systems through which you can make your payments either by counter or through online banking, or mobile banking and or payments through ATM machines and or over the phone. There is Wire transfer and Swift transfer facility available with ICICI Bank to allow you to transfer your funds to your family in India from any corner of the part. You can also make payments on standing instructions as to let your payments be made on regular basis in time.

ICICI Bank International Money Transfers

ICICI Bank is a unique ‘Digital Bank’ with a mobile interface, wherein you can have pocket wallet created for sending and receiving money to anyone and from anywhere, with this pocket wallet of ICICI Bank you can book movie ticket, pay mobiles, gift physical or e-vouchers, recharge your mobile and so on. In my opinion ICICI Bank’s pockets app is great to use, after having wonderful experience with this I do not feel like using any other bank services. Customers of other banks can download this Pockets app too.

Further you can enjoy the magic of the pockets by using it for transferring your money not only to bank accounts but also to mobile numbers, prepaid cards, you can do online shopping and much more. It is true that ICICI Bank service charges are expensive but it is worth paying for the kind of services they render. They are there available online for you round the clock and the customer care service is always ready to help its customers in a friendly manner.

ICICI Bank International Wire Transfer

ICICI Bank has today satisfied its millions of customers with its internet banking which is very safe and secured. Internet banking can be done round the clock for transferring funds, checking accounts, for paying utility bills, recharging mobile prepaid cards and lot more. You can make your payments instantly through RTGS, NEFT, IMPS, Cashless cards and so on. You even have Call to Pay facility for paying off your utility bills, recharging your mobile phone or recharge your DTH connection.

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Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

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Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
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Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India

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