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Harrods bank Currency Exchange Review - Money Transfer Quote

Company: Harrods Bank
Margin Rate: 6
Commission Rate: 2
FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

Harrods bank International Money Transfer Payments

Money transfer takes place in every nook and corner of the world today. We cannot even imagine what world would work like with the absentee of money transfer transactions. Easy and simple ways of transferring money to overseas have made our life easy, comfortable and convenient. Transferring money has become very essential for today’s the world market have minimised and become one, also people are going overseas for earning purposes and so do they have to send money to their homes. In previous times transferring money was difficult and nor was it easy and so did it carried a great risk of safety on being transferred.

However, in present times, transferring money via banks, financial institutes, currency brokers, foreign exchange agents and so on have become simpler and faster too. All these do charge some transfer fees for their services that they render but transfer of money have become a great support for doing business and for sending money for personal and corporate purposes. Harrods bank is a private limited bank having private personalised banking service especially catering to the needs of high net worth individuals. If you want to send, money overseas than Harrods is not a correct choice for you. Better options than Harrods are available in the market.

Your personal bank, a foreign exchange agent, or a currency broker would be a better option over Harrods. It is the most expensive way of sending your hard-earned money. Harrods are not that professionalized the way other banks are today. My personal experience with Harrods had given a horrified time to me wherein my money was wrongly debited and I had to put great efforts for six months and more constantly to get back my money. Here the staff is not well versed with the financial services and system of working. The customer care is not for looking after our problems rather is there for creating more problems for us by not replying to our queries and problems promptly. However, Harrods claims big things but at the time of performance, it fails to fulfil the basic requirements of the transactions. Money transferred does not reach in time to the beneficiary.

Generally, they encourage their customers to go for the fast service wherein the payments are transferred very fast and under which they charge you heavily for the quick service. Harrods Bank transfers your money through online, telephonic messages and through SMS service and transfers made via local Harrods branch. Harrods Bank BACS payment mode is ideal for making regular payments like salaries and those expenses that are repetitive every month. It is also suitable for your payment that has to be collected regularly from your customers. Harrods Bank CHAPS payment mode claims guarantee of your payments on the same day. It is also fast, reliable and secure payment system in any amount in UK.

However, it is very expensive where the same facility is available with other banks at a very low cost. Harrods Bank ensures you that it can save you with lots of your money if you transact through their services for buying an overseas property, emigrating, paying bills and other matters.

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