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Foreign Currency Direct Plc Review -

Foreign Currency Direct
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.9%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.139
Exchange Rate You Get: 113,858

Foreign Currency Direct International Money Transfer services for money transferring of internationally is increasing daily both in transaction wise. So with respect to the amounts of money transferred daily. Money transferring have reduced the overseas gap market. And made it as an easily approachable close market.

You can transfer money for any purpose at any time to any account without any hassles using Foreign Currency Direct. Hence, while transferring money overseas the major concern of ever transfer. Also, that you should be able to fetch best exchange rate of his money at the lowest cost and lowest fees.

Foreign Currency Direct money transfer agents available in the market but it important to get hold of the suitable one. Wherein the money transferred instantly to full safety, security and secrecy.

Foreign Currency Direct Plc award-winning exchange rates that can beat bank rates by up to 4%. When it comes to transferring money abroad you need a service that is simple, secure and most importantly. That will save you money. That is where Foreign Currency Direct plc can help.

Foreign Currency Direct PLC

They can save you up to 4% compared to making a transfer through the banks, and there are no hidden fees or commission. Which can mean huge savings on your currency transfer!

Foreign Currency Direct’s team of dedicated currency brokers will be very happy to discuss your requirements. And the options available to you in plain English. This is why Foreign Currency Direct PLC were finalists in the National Business Awards for customer service.

Consequently, Foreign Currency Direct Reviewed where you can have complete peace of mind that your funds are safe. Also, secure as they are authorised by the FCA. And have been trading since 2000 with over 80,000 clients. Of which 94% said they would use them again.

The benefits of using Foreign Currency Direct:
• Award-winning exchange rates that can beat bank rates by up to 4%.
• Same day transfers - send your currency direct to any destination
• 100% Safe and secure
• No hidden fees and no commission
• Authorised by the FCA
• Expert personal service from dedicated currency brokers
• Guaranteed exchange rates

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Foreign Currency Direct

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