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First Direct Bank International Wire Transfer Payments

First Direct Bank
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.084
Exchange Rate You Get: 108,403

First Direct International Money Transfer

Money transferring of internationally is increasing daily both in transaction wise and with respect to the amounts of money being transferred daily. Money transferring have reduced the overseas gap market and made it as an easily approachable close market.

You can transfer money for any purpose at any time to any account without any hassles. While transferring money overseas the major concern of ever transferor is that he should be able to fetch best exchange rate of his money at the lowest cost and lowest fees.

First Direct Bank International Money Transfers

However, there are several banks, foreign exchange and currency brokers and money transfer agents available in the market but it is important to get hold of the suitable one wherein the money is transferred instantly with full safety, security and secrecy. First Direct is a unit of HSBC Bank plc, which has been especially formed for providing retail-banking services via internet and on telephone.

With First Directs foreign Payments services, you can send your electronic payments overseas quickly and easily. First Direct services are expensive but they are safe and secured. The services provided by First Direct for transferring money are very fast and secured.

First Direct Bank International Wire Transfer

If you want to transfer, your money overseas through your First Direct account in inexpensive and convenient manner than you should transfer it through Xendpay. Transferring money through Xendpay from your First Direct Bank account is worthwhile.

First Directs Xendpay service can be used for transferring money for any reason; be it for mortgages or buying a property or for your personal or business purpose. While transferring your money through First Direct it is very essential to you to provide the details of the beneficiary’s account information along with the recipient’s banks SWIFT and IBAN code. Once the amount and all the details are, there with First Direct than your funds will be transferred instantly.

First Direct Bank International Wire Transfer Fee

A time you may find that First Direct may refuse to accept payments from some third parties, under such circumstances First Direct would return the money to those parties after deducting once it has been returned to Rational FX, less any SWIFT and third party transfer costs and foreign exchange losses that it has incurred. You can also send money within European Economic Area via SEPA payments.

Yet transferring money from First Direct is safe, easy and quick way of sending money overseas. You can send money via First Direct without any risk and hassles. Customers and clients of First Direct are happy with their committed approach towards their services. They do not carry any hidden charges as they have full transparency and all the charges that may be involved are clearly told to its customers at the time of transferring money. First Direct always gives notice to you before deducting their any charge.

First Direct Bank International Money Transfer Payments

Always give full and correct information regarding the beneficiary’s account details for the amount to be transferred. In case of wrong details provided than in such situations on asking First Direct to recover the money than it would further charge you for such services.

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