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Excel Currencies Limited Review - Money Transfer to Spain

Excel Currencies
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.7%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.141
Exchange Rate You Get: 114,088

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Excel Currencies Money Transfer to Spain, Europe and anywhere around the world at the best exchange rates. Hence, as Compare Money Transfer working in partnership with Excel Currencies Ltd. Whether you’re buying an overseas property, emigrating, buying a car. Yacht or timepiece, paying bills or making a currency transaction for any other reason. Excel Currencies Ltd can save you money on your currency transfers.

Excel Currencies Ltd deal directly with the currency markets. So, Which means Excel Currencies Money Transfer Services will offer highly competitive exchange rates on all major currencies. Often beating the bank’s rate by up to 90%.

Excel Currencies Money Transfer

Fill in our very simple form and a personal account manager will contact you to find out your requirements. All currency advice including the quotation is free from Excel Currencies and once you open your account you are under no obligation to make a transfer.

In addition, Excel Currencies Money Transfer Services opened its doors back in 2004. They have been offering private individuals and companies the ability to achieve significantly better foreign exchange rates. And a customer service never before seen in any high street bank. In 11 years of trading. They have helped over 50,000 private clients and over 10,000 UK businesses to exchange currency worldwide.

Excel Currencies Money Transfer Services private client team works with individuals who are buying property abroad. Purchasing a luxury car or yacht, emigrating or making one-off or regular money transfers. Their friendly, knowledgeable team work with each client as an individual to make sure they get specific expert advice catered to their situation. This attention to details is simply not seen or heard of with a high street bank.

Excel Currencies Limited

Excel Currencies Ltd Corporate Team works with companies who pay overseas suppliers. Or who are investing abroad.? Companies also offered a business currency audit which dissects who they pay. How they pay when they pay and this results in the corporate team compiling a strategy to cut costs. In addition, Mitigate risk and increase profits.

Consequently, Companies soon forget about the saving on the foreign exchange rates. And transfer fees as the expert strategy that put in place saves the company far more.

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Excel Currencies

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