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Eiger FX Financial Group Ltd Review - Money Transfer Services

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.137
Exchange Rate You Get: 113,743

Eiger FX Financial Group for international money transfers. Whether you are in manufacturing, leisure, professional, retail or construction industry, we can all appreciate how high currency exchange rates can be. These costs ultimately add up to high numbers over time which can be quite draining for your business. Located in the city of London, Eiger FX is a company offering payment technology and risk management solutions for clients both in and outside the United Kingdom. Compared to both local and international banks exchange rates, Eiger FX Money Transfer Services company offers the lowest currency exchange rates, thanks to Its extensive global foreign exchange network of tier 1 banks and liquidity providers.

About the Company Eiger FX Financial Group?
Eiger FX Financial Group Money Transfer Services was established back in 2003 as part of a bigger financial group. Its mission was to significantly cut down currency exchange costs internationally and also provide other payment technology and risk management solutions. With over a decade in the business, the company now has clients from every continent across the world that benefit from its various services. With a great team of professionals with many years of experience, you can rest assured that all your payments/ transfers will be handled without a glitch.

Eiger FX Financial Group

Things you should find out about your current FX provider?
· Find out if your current foreign exchange and international payments provider is indeed giving you the kind of efficient, cost-optimizing, transparent service it should be

· Identify exactly where you are being charged (including where to look for hidden fees) and the tricks that many banks and brokers employ to extract more money from your firm/business.

· Know how to compare your current service with other foreign exchange providers efficiently and easily.

· Maintaining confusion by using unnecessarily heavy banking terminology making it harder for the client to understand what they are actually saying.

10 common characteristics among bank foreign exchange services
· Unfavorable foreign currency exchange rates
· High transaction costs and fees
· Offshore call centres with long waiting times and non-specialized, non-personalized employees
· Slow, cumbersome processes during the FX process
· Most lack proper technological innovation and market financial technology capabilities
· Selling of unnecessarily complex, yet expensive financial products
· Most banks lack personalized account manager and have limited trading times
· Lack of transparency on the exchange rate, the spread bank take as their real fees, and add-on fees
· Failure to provide sound, expert advice on foreign exchange strategy to business, professionals or companies.

Eiger FX Money Transfers

What sets Eiger FX Financial Group company apart from the rest?

At this point, you may be wondering why should you trust Eiger FX Money Transfer Services? Well, there are many reasons that set the company apart. These include,

  1. Eiger FX Financial Group Cutting your Foreign Exchange Costs
    The company is able to offer you the premium exchange rates normally only available to the largest of multinationals. This is made possible because of the extensive global foreign exchange network of tier 1 banks and liquidity providers.

  2. Saving you time with Eiger FX Financial Group?
    Gone are the days where you had to go through long and cumbersome processes to complete your foreign currency exchange. The company also offers same and next day international payments. You can also save your valuable time by using the online payments solution – EFX Money Transfer Services Connect.

  3. Keeping exchange rate fluctuations in check
    Once you open a free account with EFX Money Transfer Services, a personal dealer will be assigned to you. With an arsenal of hedging products at your disposal and your personally assigned dealer at hand to offer guidance, the company will help you take control of foreign currency exchange volatility.

Not only that but the company fully authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  And has an Extensive suite of hedging options to combat Foreign currency exchange risk. The company guarantees the best price when it comes to foreign exchange, promising to beat any other competitor on the market worldwide.

EFX Money Transfer Services

Eiger FX Financial Group Conclusion
The Eiger FX Financial Group has a team of professionals waiting to receive your call or email today to answer any queries or to set up appointment schedules. You can easily open an account with them by visiting their website at Eigerfx Money Transfer Services.  Call them now via +44 (0) 207 426 1495 or email them at Consequently, Just quote Compare Money Transfer to ensure discounted exchange rates.

Hence, You are also welcome to follow their social media channels for updates at In addition, If you wish to visit their offices, you can do so at Eiger FX Ltd, Top Floor, 16-18 Brushfield Street, London, E1 6AN.

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