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EasyFX Review - Money Transfer Services

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.7%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.119
Exchange Rate You Get: 111,921


One needs to transfer money worldwide for varied reasons like education, friend and family, travelling, shopping, business, investments in international markets, buying property overseas, emigration purposes and so on. Unlike today, transferring money in olden times was very tedious and expensive task.

Today transferring money has become a very simple, easy, quick process and at the same time transferring money is also a legalised operation that is performed by banks, financial institutes, foreign exchange brokers, currency exchange agents and other agents those who are engaged in money exchange and transferring services. Online banking and non-banking transactions have created a more speedy way through which money is transferred in your account within minutes.

With the help of online transactions, you can perform your transactions at any time of the day and from any place of your choice, as you need not go to the banks or offices for making transfers.

EasyFX Ltd

Today there are numerous forex service agents and banks among which you can choose the appropriate one suiting to your requirements. It is very important to have a research done prior to selecting any agent for transferring your money. It is also advisable to go through the reviews that would always help you in taking decision by knowing experiences of the existing customers of those banks and agents.

Easy FX guarantees you security of your funds and offers you full privacy, security and safety of your transactions that you make online. You can trade more than hundred products through your one Easy Forex account.

EasyFX Review

Easy Forex is one of the leading provider of online trading that helps its customers to trade in gold, silver, oil, and forex online with the help of their world class trading experience that they hold worldwide. Easy FX enables to support you in everyway and allows you to trade anytime and anywhere through mobile, online, trade desk and MT4 options. Easy FX is a reliable forex agent and the one who also gives rebates to its customers on their trading. But my personal experience have been that Easy Forex gives very low payouts and also low leverages which in turn is not beneficial to the customers.


My last transaction with them was a real painful one wherein I realised that the staffs here are only there with you until you begin your transaction and then they leave you out landing into a mess.

EasyFX Money Transfer

They are not bothered to see as to where you are stuck and the communication level is very poor. I would never recommend anyone to trade or make their transactions through Easy Fx and nor would I deal with them again. It had been too tough for me to get my funds transferred and which took so much of time too. Never experienced such horrible MT4 process in my period of five years trading that I experienced with Easy FX and at the same time the withdrawal, system is worst which in return hampers your financial status as well as creates a stress.

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