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Currency Fair Limited Review - Money Transfer Services

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 2%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.126
Exchange Rate You Get: 112,594

CurrencyFair money transfer services online. Where nowadays everyone needs to send money abroad for either business or personal purposes. Even students and workers abroad require this service to send and receive money from their families and vice versa. Essential to have a good money transfer solution that will help you at every step.

Many companies come up every few days in this field and they promise fast and safe transactions but you can’t trust all their tall claims. The customer has also become very confused about what to choose due to these hundreds of services available. Even though one’s requirements might differ from another but at the end of the day. Two things everyone wants are low transaction rates (exchange rates) and speedy transfer.

CurrencyFair is one such company that you can actually trust. They have been in this market for quite a long time now and have become popular due to the safe and secure transaction service offered. Apart from the usual. What attracts hundreds of people to this company is the simple and user-friendly way of transaction. The whole process is very clear and they charge you a modest transaction fee.

You will need to open an account and deposit money in one of their client accounts through a quick and free service. The deposited money can then be converted into a currency of your wish at great exchange rates. You can check out their guides to see how to do it if you are not already familiar with it.

CurrencyFair Review

Once your money has been exchanged in your desired currency, all you need to do is give them the beneficiary account details and let them do the rest. They will deposit the money into the account; usually, it is done at a speedy rate but might differ on holidays and weekends.

The charges nominal and the exchange rates clearly mentioned on the website. CurrencyFair mentions on their website that they use quick hassle free domestic transfers instead of international transfers which helps evade bank charges and provide their customers (like you and me) a cheaper exchange rate. They provide you with a great market exchange rate or you can also choose your own.

CurrencyFair Review? This is one of the best things about their service that has made them very popular. The power they give you over each step of the transaction. You can choose to do whatever you wish and the whole process is so transparent with regard to charges, service fees and even the whole process structure.

CurrencyFair has a very dedicated customer support team that is ever ready to help you and unlike the other customer support service teams, this one is pretty nice and polite. They answer all your questions patiently and don’t get rude and nosy.

I like CurrencyFair for their simplistic service structure and speedy transfers and great exchange rates than many other places. I would happily recommend CurrencyFair Limited services to anyone as I’m sure you would like it just like I do.

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