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Caxton FX Limited Review - Money Transfer Services

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.123
Exchange Rate You Get: 112,296


CaxtonFX Foreign Exchange Review, Caxton FX Money Transfer Services to manage your business international money transfers.
CaxtonFX offers a money transferring service and important aspect of modern life. Business, corporate and personal transactions are taking place twenty-four hours a day. We look for making transfers through reliable, trustworthy and efficient sources who would also not charge us heavily thereby making transfers very expensive for us. There are banks, financial institutes, currency brokers, foreign exchange bureaus and other agents who are engaged in offering us transfer and foreign exchange related services.

These agents also provide us with managing our finances and latest updates of the market that gives us a clear picture and enables us to make the best use of our money while transferring our money overseas be it in our suppliers account or in our agents account, or for mortgaging property overseas and or in our family, children and or friends accounts.

Caxton FX

CaxtonFX foreign exchange service is a UK based foreign exchange and prepaid card provider helping you to send and send money abroad without any hassles. It also looks after all your international payments be it one-time payments or regular payments to be made for your suppliers, employees or for your mortgages overseas as per your standing instructions.

CaxtonFX foreign exchange service also allows you to change currencies in Euros, sterling and other of your choice through CaxtonFX mobile App. Through CaxtonFX mobile app you can change your currency of your choice or lock in a great exchange rate.

CaxtonFX Reviews

With CaxtonFX mobile app you can also check your transactions and account details. It also enables you to manage your business international travel expenses in advance through CaxtonFX Business Traveller Currency Cards. CaxtonFX money transfer services brought a great revolution in the field of transferring money abroad in various currencies through a single account.

CaxtonFX money transfer service offers you to transfer your money around the globe through simple, smart and great value system, wherein it also provides you with a single CaxtonFX money transfer account in which you can hold multiple currencies and thereby trade through your account and perform your transactions in the currency of your choice. It allows you to buy currency round the clock and at the same time send money to multiple recipients round the clock.

Caxton FX Review

I have used the services of CaxtonFX foreign exchange services for once and had an awful experience since then I have never used it and would never recommend to anyone for using CaxtonFX money transfer services for transferring your money overseas. No doubt the kind of products and services it claims to have are great and appealing as to the simplicity and easy approachable of the services.

CaxtonFX Ltd

Also what I experienced was that the customer services of CaxtonFX money transfer services are the worst services that I have ever seen, it is better to deal with banks and make your transactions successful even after paying an higher fees is better than doing transactions through CaxtonFX foreign exchange services.

I was charged for the mistakes that their CaxtonFX staff had done and at the same time while converting my currency they told a different rate and at the time of disposing the currency they gave me at a different rate. In short, CaxtonFX money transfer servies is a wrong place for making your foreign exchange and transfer transactions.

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