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Bank of Cyprus International Wire Transfer Payments

Bank of Cyprus
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.067
Exchange Rate You Get: 106,733

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Bank of Cyprus International Money Transfer

Bank of Cyprus money transfer services for existing customers by Internet banking, International wire transfer payments review.
Modern business and personal world demands lots of financial and wealth management by individuals. Mobility of money has reached new heights reducing the distances among the countries. Money Transfers generally means transfer of funds through cashless modes like Giro transfers, Wire Transfers, Money Order, Cheque Payments and electronic transfers of money.

These transfers are performed by banks, foreign exchange bureaus, currency brokers and other financial institutes. However, Money transfers through Hawal and al- Barakat or remittance of money by a foreign worker means cash based transfers wherein for transferring money cash is needed in hand.

Bank of Cyprus International Money Transfers

Bank of Cyprus is a major Cypriot financial institution engaged in banking sector since the eighteenth century. Cyprus Bank has always adopted the strategic position and cultural heritage in connecting people via trade and industry for many generations.

Bank of Cyprus is one of the first banking institutions in Cyprus to understand thoroughly the dynamics of the international business sector along with making available sophisticated and specialised services, satisfying the needs of the fast growing and demanding international market segment. Bank of Cyprus have bridged the distances of International Banking through its efficient, quick and fast banking services. IBU Gateway is a 24-hour access to International Banking Services for professional Associates. This Gateway is secured by the customer input of his login id and password.

Bank of Cyprus International Wire Transfer

The International Banking Units at Bank of Cyprus ensures that its clients avail full satisfaction. Bank of Cyprus online banking offers an easy, free and convenient way of maintaining your full control over your finances. You can maintain this control round the clock for the entire year from any place of your choice and your own convenient time.

You can transfer money from your Cyprus Bank account online in different ways like between your own Bank of Cyprus UK accounts or to other Bank of Cyprus UK customers and by SWIFT facility you can transfer money to third parties bank accounts available in UK or in overseas. Cyprus Bank’s Faster Payments facility felicitates you to pay off your bills instantly. You can also make salary payments of your employees.

Bank of Cyprus International Wire Transfer Fee

Cyprus Bank gives you an opportunity to have a dual control over your payments and transfers. You can also give your standing orders and direct debits instructions to Bank for making payments in the future date.

Cyprus Banks online services enable you to keep a complete record of accomplishment of all your transactions and payments that you make online or on the counter. Bank of Cyprus have excellent and professionalized relation managers who are always ready to give you all the assistance that is needed by you in relation to making and receiving international payments.

Bank of Cyprus International Money Transfer Payments

Bank of Cyprus also helps you to manage currency risk while making transfers in the international market. Bank of Cyprus offers its customers business current accounts in Euros and US dollars, this foreign currency current accounts helps its customers in managing their foreign payments and receipts cost effectively; as in such cases you need not require to convert foreign currencies into Sterling. Bank of Cyprus helps you to manage foreign exchange risk efficiently.

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Bank of Cyprus

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