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Alliance & Leicester Bank International Wire Transfer Payments

Alliance & Leicester Bank
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.064
Exchange Rate You Get: 106,406

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Alliance & Leicester Bank International Money Transfer

Alliance & Leicester money transfer services for existing customers by Internet banking, International wire transfer payments review.
Money can be transferred globally through various modes. Unlike before today, money transfer has become very easy, safe and secure system. Trillions of money will be transferred daily for purposes like personal, business, corporate and so on. With the easy and safe way of transferring money have minimized the distances between the countries globally and so has it spread out the business worldwide thereby bringing the world more closely.

Money can be transferred through banks, foreign exchange agents, currency brokers, financial institutions and others on payment of certain service charges that differs from an individual bank to bank.

Alliance & Leicester International Money Transfers

Alliance and Leicester was a building society in U.K, which later was converted into a bank in 1992. Today Alliance and Leicester focuses on providing services like mortgages, retail savings, current accounts and personal loans to its customers. Alliance and Leicester also provide credit cards and credit facility to its customers in partnership with MBNA.

Alliance and Leicester use Legal and general for investment and insurance planning, it also provides other insurances through Zurich. Alliance and Leicester provide mortgages only to those customers who have good credit history and a regular income. Thus people with poor credit history defaulted on payments and low income may not be provided mortgages through Alliance and Leicester.

Alliance & Leicester Bank International Wire Transfer

Actually, Alliance and Leicester do not have a broad outlook like a bank, it has a narrow approach that of a building society generally has. The service charges that they charge are also miss fit to the kind of service that they provide.

The staff employed with Alliance Leicester is not professionalized, and the services that they are providing and their procedure. Rather the staff is more misguiding rather than helpful for its customers. The staff can be called as problem creator for customers than any helping hand as to the mistakes that they themselves conduct.

Alliance & Leicester Bank International Wire Transfer Fee

I have never made any transaction with this bank but had experienced their working system when had gone to the bank with one of my friend who had performed a transaction through this bank and the ample of mistakes that their own staff had undergone. I can say that I had never seen such a worst and poor customer service bank other than this one. At Alliance and Leicester there are a number of wrong debits made to your account and so you have to maintain a proper track record of it and then waste your time in getting them cleared.

Alliance & Leicester Bank International Money Transfer Payments

Alliance and Leicester do not know how to value their customer or how to give them proper service to them. Even the website of Alliance and Leicester is not working half of the time, thereby internet banking with them still needs some work especially their mobile app. Transferring money through Alliance and Leicester should never be done, as it is not sure whether it would reach in time. Such banks should be shut down if they do not know what customer service is.

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Alliance & Leicester Bank

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