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FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 2%
Rate Per Single Unit: 1.096
Exchange Rate You Get: 109,636

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AFEX limited Currency Exchange Review, Associated Foreign Exchange Money Transfer Services making international payments and risk management solutions.
In olden times, transferring money was a very long and complicated process. It was also not safe and secured along with being a very expensive way. Previously personal transfers of money overseas were very few and corporate or business transfers were not much. However, today personal and corporate both transfers of money overseas have increased extensively.

Money is transferred overseas on one-time payment as well as a regular recurring payment too. You may transfer money overseas for education purposes, emigration requirement, transfer your salary to your family, make international payments to your suppliers, make payments for online shopping and many other reasons. Money can be transferred overseas through wire transfers, cheques, online transfers and other options.

AFEX Review

In present times, you can find numerous companies and banks available among which you have to choose the best suiting to your requirements and the one that would be safe, secured, fast and reliable for performing the transfer transactions.

AFEX stands for Associated Foreign Exchange a leading private and non-banking provider of services of making international payments and risk management solutions. AFEX Foreign Exchange Review is a very renowned and popular provider of global payment and risk management solutions worldwide.

AFEX Limited

It offers you a comprehensive range of worldwide payments and foreign exchange services that includes Wire Transfers, Risk Management systems, Foreign Currency Drafts, Cheques and others since 1979. AFEX since then has maintained its status and prestige by providing its clients best services in the market. It is extremely apt in handling its clients all sorts of requirements with context to foreign exchange that also includes free consultation to its clients in regards with risk management to executing their transactions successfully.

AFEX provides its customers a customised global payments system that is cost effective and tailor made according to individual client’s requirements for managing their individual currency risk.

AFEX Currency Exchange

AFEX is registered and regulated with FinCEN and IRS. You can open an online account with AEX Money Transfer Services to enjoy a round the clock access to our markets that lead you to online payments.

Customers of AFEX Money Transfer Services claim that they have never experienced such simple and easy system of online payments other than AFEX Money Transfer Services. AFEX Money Transfer Services also allows you an access to the platform in various languages independent of your location and thereby you can get automatic verification of beneficiary banking details for the proper payment format. You can easily generate comprehensive transaction reports online.

At AFEX Foreign Exchange Review through their integrated file, upload system it is very easy to make multiple payments in one simple step.

AFEX Currency Exchange rates

For large, multi national corporate AFEX provides its clients corporate and treasury solutions through its customised and personalised approach for managing the risk. I would like to recommend all corporate to use the services of AFEX for managing their business risk and finance management smoothly and hassle free.

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