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About Compare Money Transfers - FX Compared

About Compare Money Transfers?
Compare Money Transfer was formed in 2006 by experts. In the industry to provide businesses and individuals alternative options to using their bank. So, we provide a free price comparison of currencies companies and what exchange rates and transfer fees they are offering. And this is then compared to what is being offered by the high street banks versus other currency companies.

The first & longest running UK currency exchange comparison site

  • Our online comparison is free and easy to use.
  • We remember your details to make it even easier to get a quote.
  • Our website is completely secure.

So, based in Wickford, Essex, We only employ industry experts with years of experience. In addition, our knowledgeable about currency trends and more importantly are approachable as well as friendly staff to assist our clients. And as our clients range from overseas property buyers to importers and exporting to other companies or individuals who just want to obtain money-saving exchange rates through currency companies who are not going to rip them off.

About Compare Money Transfers 

We feel it is important to explain that our comparison services are completely free along with a good old-fashioned service.

Compare Money Transfer is a price comparison site. We’re not a currency broker, but instead, a one-stop shop that makes it easy for you to find the right deal on currency. We provide a comparison service which lists a range of currency providers. We get a small fee from these currency brokers if you decide to buy or sell currency through our site.

• Comparing with us costs you nothing.
• The quotes we find are estimates until you open an account and confirm a currency price. The price confirmed and guaranteed using the currency broker.

Who owns is the trading name of Compare Money Transfer Limited and registered in England and Wales Reg. No. 5884970 at 324 Southend Road, Wickford Essex SS11 8QS.

Will using cost me any money?

Comparing to us will not cost you a penny and will save you money. So if you decide to buy currency from one of the brokers on our site and in return, we get a small fee from that provider.

What do we do with your personal details?

Consequently, we have been holding personal information for many years and always in the strictest confidence. In addition, monitor security policies to ensure we safeguard your privacy from any and unauthorised access to ensure no improper use. Also, use HTTPS protocol for secure communication to ensure authentication of the visited website and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data

Financial Security

We NOT FCA Authorised and take No responsibility for handling your funds.

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