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Stately homes attract tourists

CMT advert

Stately homes may encourage travellers to make an overseas money transfer to the UKas the historic and cultural buildings can promote tourism, according to Stately Escapes.

Company owners Oliver Bell and Ravi Sabharwal explained that the properties have a historical significance, with the company owning a house that once housed King James I when he was in hiding from a rebel army.

"We have got a manor house in Norfolk where three queens went for tea and in our more recent history we had Harry Potter staying in one of our estates during the filming, so the cast and crew stayed in one of our properties," commented Mr Bell.

The group revealed that 50 per cent of its bookings are from abroad, with Mr Sabharwal saying that foreigners clamour to stay in the stately homes.

"It is the history which is most attractive," added Mr Bell. "A lot of customers who come to the estates love the idea.

"Downton Abbey has been extremely popular in the US because they love the idea of a stiff upper lip Englishman, they want to have a slice of that history."

Overseas demand for London properties was recently revealed as being the key behind the robust performance of the market by Mouseprice.

"The London property market is a safe place to invest cash and as long as this continues, the London market will always behave very differently [to the rest of the UK]," commented Selwyn Lim, director at the property market information company.

"At the moment, the robust nature of the London market can be attributed to this."

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