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Businesses to be encouraged to invest in Britain

The number of companies arranging an international money transfer to the UK could be set to go up thanks to a new government initiative.

Policymakers are keen to take advantage of the fact that Britain will be hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games this year by showcasing its various attractions across the globe.

Events will be staged in cities such as Beijing, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Mumbai to highlight everything the UK has to offer to foreign businesses.

These will form part of the GREAT campaign, a government-led initiative to raise Britain's international profile as a country in which to invest and as a possible holiday destination for consumers.

The coalition believes that with the Olympic and Paralympic Games coming to London during the summer, the next few months could represent a unique chance to generate global interest in Britain.

Jeremy Hunt, the culture secretary, commented: "2012 will be one of the most exciting and momentous years in this country's magnificent history.

"We must not waste the once in a lifetime opportunity we have been given to showcase to the world all that is great about Britain."

The government is particularly keen to tap into the Brazilian and Chinese markets, as well as France, Germany, Australia, Canada, India, Japan and the USA.

Britain should also attract additional attention from overseas as a result of the Queen marking her Diamond Jubilee during 2012. A special bank holiday has already been scheduled for June 5th to honour the landmark, while the monarch will commemorate her 60 years on the throne with a series of special trips around the country.

Prime minister David Cameron recently said the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics will be "magnificent events" that should enable Britain to be proud of what it can achieve, even in a difficult economic climate.

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