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Best Time to Move from the UK to Spain?

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Spain has always had more than its fair share of British expats, and the good climate and beautiful beaches provide a large part of the appeal.

The relatively short journey time to and from the UK is also a factor in Spain’s ongoing popularity with the British, as is the fact that the culture is welcoming and in many ways familiar.

With the recent economic turmoil in Spain still having significant fall out effects, many people who have bought properties in the last five years or so may well have been badly burned by the collapse in the Spanish property market.

But for many potential buyers who are looking for a bargain, now might just be the time to make the move and get a fantastic deal.

With a range of property types such as villas, apartments and houses, the choice often comes down to the type of location that interests you most rather than availability. Of course, many people – especially those looking for a retirement or second home – are seeking a beachside resort that offers the best of the sun and sea appeal.

For others though, the vibrant cities of Madrid and Barcelona can offer a thoroughly different kind of attraction, and indeed it is the cities that bore much of the brunt of the property market price crash.

However, the art of getting into any property market is deciding when it has ‘bottomed out’ and prices have nowhere to go but up. This is the optimal time to both bag a bargain and also have an eye on future profits, whether as resale values or rental yields.

As confidence that growth will return in 2014 increases, and with the outlook regarding the value of the pound against the euro ever more uncertain, this year could well be the perfect time to buy into property in Spain.

Although transferring moneyto the Eurozone is relatively straightforward, it is worth bearing in mind that foreign currency exchange rates quoted by banks are almost always worse than the exchange rates available through specialist currency dealers.

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