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Consider options prior to Italy move

options instead of using a bank

British families and couples considering making an overseas money transfer and moving to Italy have been advised to take their time over such a process.

Kimberley Millhouse, senior move manager at Crown Relocations, has spoken on the subject of investing in property in the country and setting up home there.

Her top tip is to spend plenty of time considering all the options, including the size, price and location of the property a person may be interested in.

She suggested people used to living in the UK are likely to find many Italian homes on the small side, although this depends largely on the city in question.

"Apartments don't usually have many bedrooms and villas often have small gardens, so be patient when you're searching for somewhere to live," the expert stated, perhaps indicating the right property is available to those who are prepared to wait for it.

It is also worth noting that many homes do not come with their own car parking allocation, with many Italians opting to rent a space nearby or go without a vehicle.

Taking the time to think a move through before it is confirmed will ensure people have the opportunity to consider their options when it comes to making overseas money transfers, which can be integral to the process of moving abroad.

It may also be worth checking exactly what the regulations in Italy are for such a transaction – something an expert currency comparison site may be able to offer advice on.

Italy, however, might not be the very best option for those with young children, as this honour seemingly goes to France.

A recent poll by HSBC found that the country was named by existing expats with youngsters as the most desirable location in which to bring up a son or daughter, ahead of the Netherlands and Austria.

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