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Aspiring expats 'do not have realistic expectations'

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People in the UK who are planning to transfer money online before setting up home overseas have been urged to avoid getting lofty expectations.

According to WorldNet Recruitment and Training, many would-be expatriates end up with "delusions of grandeur" when they are intending to relocate to another country, reports BBC News.

This, it said, is particularly true among younger Britons who are moving abroad, especially if their decision has been partly influenced by lifestyle factors, such as the prospect of better weather.

Indeed, the group stated that if people from the UK are planning to live in sunny destinations such as Barbados, their thoughts tend to focus on sitting on exotic beaches and sipping cocktails.

However, WorldNet Recruitment and Training said this is often not how a move to this type of country actually turns out to be.

Sonia Middleditch, managing director of the organisation, commented: "People have chosen to go to their new countries, so there is an element of 'This is what I was hoping for, this is what I was expecting'.

"But after the early excitement, they settle in and start to see what is missing."

Ms Middleditch has therefore urged aspiring expats to carry out thorough preparations before they start setting up home in another country.

This, she stated, would enable people who are leaving the UK to be ready for their move and fully cognisant of what they can expect on their arrival.

Ms Middleditch added that when many expats arrive at their new home, they can end up feeling both bewildered and euphoric at the same time.

This comes after Kimberley Millhouse, senior move manager at Crown Relocations, urged people who are moving abroad to make sure their finances are in order before they go, as well as to take out any insurance policies they may need.

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