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Currency Information on IQD

FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
100,000 gets you: 99,000 eur
Aston Currency Management
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 2%
100,000 gets you: 98,000 eur
Rational FX
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.7%
100,000 gets you: 99,300 eur
M&S Bank
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 5%
100,000 gets you: 95,000 eur
Corporate FX
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1.5%
100,000 gets you: 98,500 eur

Countries that use the IQD

Currency Information on Iraqi Dinar - IQD— Iraqi dinar - ع.د

The Dinah replaced the Indian rupee in 1932 at a ratio of 1 Dinah: 11 rupees. New notes were printed in 1991, but due to regulations set out by the US, and unrestricted printing by the government, the note’s value declined and in 2013, 1 USD was worth ع.د 3,000.

No Iraqi dinar coins are in circulation, due to their lack of value, though banknotes in denominations of 50, 250, 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000 dinars are available and in circulation.

Money Transfers from IQD

Over a year ago we expanded our IT company and opened a new office in the UK. We have two offices in Europe now; we need to send money abroad very often, from Portugal to the UK and from the UK to Portugal. Knowing how to send money internationally in a safe way is therefore a crucial need for us on a weekly basis.

Comment written by Tiago Goncalves Director of an it Company.
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