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1 DKK = 0.13348 EUR

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1 EUR = 7.37916 DKK

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Currency Information on DKK

International Foreign Exchange
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
100,000 gets you: 13,215 eur
Halo Financial
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1.5%
100,000 gets you: 13,148 eur
Excel Currencies
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.7%
100,000 gets you: 13,255 eur
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 0.9%
100,000 gets you: 13,228 eur
FC Exchange
FCA Regualted: FCA Regulated
Margin Rate: 1%
100,000 gets you: 13,215 eur

Countries that use the DKK

Currency Information on Danish Krone - DKK— Danish krone – Kr.

Introduced in 1875, the Danish krone is the official currency of Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. The word ‘krone’ means crown, and as such, the krone is sometimes called the Danish Crown by English speakers. Coins have been minted in Denmark since the 10th century, with the oldest coins being called ‘korsmonter’ (‘Cross coins’).

Before the introduction of the krone, coins in Denmark were used to generate profit for the monarch or the state, by decreasing the amounts of precious metals used to make them, and thus, making them unable to correspond to their face value, which resulted in a loss of trust in the coins from the public. Coins were reintroduced two years after the introduction of the Danish krone.

Denominations of coins, currently in circulation include 50-ore, 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 kroner, whilst banknotes are available in denominations of 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 kroner.

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I run a local delicatessen business in Surrey. Many of my artisan suppliers are based in Italy, Spain and France. We are always making payments to these suppliers and knowing we are getting the best rates is vitally important for us; our margins are tight and any savings are crucial for the success of our business.

Comment written by Artisan supplier based in Italy.
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