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Banks Currency Scandal

Published on in Foreign Currency News by

For years now the high street banks have been overcharging millions of consumers and businesses when making currency exchange payments. We are not talking about small payments say for a few hundred quid. We are talking about hundreds of thousands overcharged when consumers have purchased an overseas property and used their bank to make to currency exchange payment. We are also talking about the hundreds of millions overcharged to businesses who at the time thought their bank was helping them...

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Avoid hidden costs for international money transfers

Published on in Foreign Currency News by

Avoid hidden costs when making international money transfers. So what is an International money transfer? Well typically international money transfers are when a business or consumer are sending money overseas to someone or a business. Common money transfers are buying foreign property or making regular payments for bills or services or even transferring your money when you emigrate Most international money transfers are now straightforward with tight regulations in place to  protect your money but there are still certain things you should...

Australian Dollar rises

Germany becomes cheap place to buy property

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There has been a gear up towards people buying property overseas in European spots due to favourable foreign exchange rates as it is becoming cheaper to buy property in Germany as stated from an expert in the tourist market. Klaus Lohmann, director for UK and Ireland at the German National Tourist Office, says the capital of Berlin is significantly more affordable than counterparts such as Paris and London. "Berlin is the place to be and definitely one of the hippest places in Europe....

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Euro makes businesses happy again

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Euro is a Good Buy Services activity in most of the European nations expanded more than expected for April, leading the Euro to move marginally higher against the greenback yesterday. Furthermore, the Euro zone monthly retail sales climbed for March, thus indicating that recovery in the currency bloc is slowly gaining traction. However, the euro is languishing at the lower end of recent levels and remains a good buy. The single currency is trading in a tight range against both the...

Static is the new word for euro

Published on in Foreign Currency News by

Euro Remains Static An unexpectedly soft German consumer price inflation report dragged the Euro lower against its peers in yesterday’s trading session. However, losses against the US Dollar were limited yesterday after data released in the US came in lower than market expectations. Meanwhile, data released earlier today indicated that Spanish inflation rose as expected for April. Going forward, today’s Euro area inflation data is likely to sway market sentiment, especially with yesterday’s German inflation data escalating the possibility of...

The Canadian Dollar softens

Published on in Foreign Currency News by

Money transfer currency update at Compare money transfer Canadian Dollar The Canadian Dollar softened against the US Dollar and other major peers as commodity prices fell and as investors looked ahead to the day’s international data releases. An easing in tensions in Ukraine offered the currency some support. Pound Sterling The Pound advanced for a fourth consecutive day against the US Dollar yesterday to come close to a four-year high and made a gain against the Euro as investors increased their bets that...

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The ‘Aussie’ is holding ground around the 93 cents mark

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Daily forex update at compare money transfer Australian Dollar The ‘Aussie’ is holding ground around the 93 cents mark. With no major domestic data due this week the currency will take direction from events overseas. Investors will be keeping an eye on events in Ukraine as a worsening of the situation is likely to reduce demand for riskier assets. US data due this week is also likely to have an impact upon the ‘Aussie’. Pound Sterling The Pound advanced against the Euro and US Dollar...

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The Euro remains weaker against the Pound

Published on in Foreign Currency News by

Foreign exchange market update   The Euro The Euro remains weaker against the Pound and US Dollar as sentiment for the single currency remains weaker after the European Central Bank suggested that a cut to its already record low interest rate could be an option. The currency was also softened after ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure said that the appreciation of the Euro since mid-2012 was the main cause for low inflation across the region. Pound Sterling The Pound is trading at a...

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Sterling softer against the Euro but stronger against the US Dollar

Published on in Foreign Currency News by

Pound Sterling Since the Bank of England first linked the UK unemployment rate to interest rate increases the monthly jobs data has been of particular interest. If today’s report confirms that the unemployment rate fell to 7.1 per cent in March the Pound may climb. As it stands Sterling is softer against the Euro but stronger against the US Dollar. US Dollar As the situation in the Ukraine becomes increasingly tense, the safe-haven US Dollar has strengthened against several of its major...


US Dollar extends advance overnight

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US Dollar Yesterday the US Dollar was boosted by unexpectedly strong retail sales figures. Overnight the ‘Buck’ extended its advance on almost all of its rivals as investors wait for Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen to speak at a financial conference. Today’s US consumer price index could trigger volatility in the world’s most traded currency. Pound Sterling Ahead of the release of UK inflation figures the Pound was a little softer against the US Dollar and Euro. The British currency could fluctuate...



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