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Nationwide Money Transfer Services

Company: Nationwide Bank
Margin Rate: 5
Commission Rate: 2
FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

Nationwide Money Transfer Services

Payment disbursement system and its quickness is the dignity of business. Handling of receipts of payments and making of payments efficiently leads to the growth of business to great heights. It is very essential to manage business funds and personal funds efficiently in order to grow ahead. Failure in managing business finances can also hamper your success and growth in business.

Modern business, personal and even corporate needs demands for transfer of money globally at several times. International business needs proper inflow and out flow of funds on a regular basis. Banks, foreign currency bureaus, currency brokers, financial institutes and other agents who are involved in transferring your money abroad on charging you for their services can help you to transfer your money overseas.

Nationwide Building Society is a largest building society and a British mutual financial institution. Nationwide had been the first building society of UK to start up with internet banking services. It provides financial services to its customers both directly and through its other branches that are spread around widely. Nationwide is also considered as UK’s major mortgage provider along with other services of personal banking like bank accounts, credit cards, giving out loans and insurance products.

I had shifted to Nationwide last year and would like to vouch it to be my horrible decision ever taken for using Nationwide services. They have rather no services for its customers. I had a very bad experience in regards to mortgage service that I wanted for a property. They kept on giving me false hopes as to your mortgage would be cleared positively in a short period and kept on demanding some or the other paper that were of no use. On speaking to their representative over the phone was as though all the delay and movement of the file taking time was the fault of mine. Finally, one day suddenly received a mail saying that I was incompetent for the eligibility of their mortgage; this had been the last stroke of shock that I received from Nationwide.

In between this, they had been raising unnecessary charges and fees upon me for the online services that I was using of nationwide bank. Before this, I never had such a bad experience with any bank. Initially at the time of opening the account, they claimed high talks and while the time of giving services they were not able to provide me with half of the services also that they had promised me. Because of the delay in transfer of a payment in my suppliers account through nationwide bank then I had to face the cancellation order for which I had undergone lots of financial loss and mental strain. On the contrary, the relationship manager is not able to provide a concrete reason for such a happening. According to me it is better to have expensive services through other banks than to go with nationwide which is a complete nuisance with no services in actual for customers. Nationwide even do not bother if you close your account and opt for leaving them.

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