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FTT Currency Money Transfer Services

Company: FTT Currency
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FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

FTT Currency Money Transfer Services

Transferring money abroad involves exchange of foreign currency as your place of transferring from and to the destination differs and so does the usage of currency differ too. Banks were the prime source in olden days that used to look after currency exchange and transferring of money abroad and also such transactions were not as larger in number as they are today. Nowadays money can be transferred overseas and also foreign exchange can be done through banks, foreign exchange bureaus, currency exchange brokers, financial institutes and others. These help their customers to fetch competitive rates for their foreign currency exchange and help them to transfer their hard earned money to the right destinations without wasting time.

FTT stands for Foreign Telegraphic Transfers Globally; it is a global payments company carrying a high level of expertise knowledge and professionalism in the field of money transfer and foreign exchange of a variety of currencies at best rates of exchange. You can send as well as receive payments round the clock through FTT’s easy and simple online money transfer service. With online service you can make your transactions from anywhere and at any time, you save lots of time through online services than going to the counter for your transactions and stand in long queues for your turn to come. FTT guarantees you bank beating currency exchange rates at no hidden costs and full transparency of the transactions.

I am associated with FTT’s services since past five years both at my personal and my business level. I use FTT’s Auto Pay service on regular basis since the time I have used their service for the first time. FTT’s Auto Pay is very helpful in making my regular payments like salaries to my employees who are stationed local as well as in my offices located abroad; also it looks after my regular payments of utility bills, payments to suppliers and my overseas mortgage payments. After my standing orders given to them once then I need not have to keep on reminding them, the staff at FTT is very efficient and at the same time they excel in their services for their clients which makes their clients fully satisfied.

Auto Pay has also helped me in saving my time and money both as FTT has helped me to save 4% on my regular payments in comparison to what cost I incurred with my banks. FTT also takes care of my regular payments which are now deposited by my customers into FTT account directly. All my payments and receipts transactions are acknowledged through an electronic receipt that I get it on my email. I am a proud and 100% satisfied customer of FTT since past five years and so would always remain to be so. I take a pride in recommending others to use FTT so that they can enjoy efficient, excellent services for their foreign currency exchange and money transfer requirements. The customer service that FTT provides to its customers is also very helpful, kind and with an attitude of ready to help at every time.

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