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CentralFX Money Transfer Services

Company: CentralFX
Margin Rate: 0.9
Commission Rate: 0
FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

Central FX – About Us
• We believe that in order to achieve the best results in this industry, knowing your clients specific needs is vital. Through consistency of pricing, service and delivery we understand the importance of long term relationships
• With continuing volatility in the currency markets, the clients that partner with Central FX recognise the huge value of making the most informed decisions and having the tools required to execute them
• Currency markets can move in excess of 15% over the course of each financial year. We believe that how you choose to manage this volatility can substantially affect your bottom line
• Some people want a proactive service and input when considering the timing of a transaction or the securing of profit margins, others want a simple ‘execution only’ type system with competitive pricing. Whatever your decision, we will help you make the most informed one
The Main Advantages of Using Central FX
• Bank beating exchange rates – often between 2-4% better than high street banks
• No transaction fees – on all major currencies
• Same day settlement – on all major currencies
• Complete transparency on pricing – allowing you to know the full cost of your transaction
• One dedicated Currency Specialist – one point of call for all trading activities, advice on strategies, market movements and trends
• Proactive service – meaning we contact clients if we see a drastic movement in their favour or to their detriment. This allows clients to concentrate on running their companies with the peace of mind that an expert is watching their FX exposure.

The Process of Trading with Central FX
The process is very simple and works in a very similar way to how you would process a trade with your bank although it will be faster, considerably cheaper and much more transparent. Briefly outlined, the process goes as follows;

  1. Register a free and no obligation account online.
  2. We agree an exchange rate and Central FX buy the currency you need from the market. This means that no matter what happens, your rate is secured and will not change.
  3. Central FX will send you a contract note with our account details on the bottom and detailing the transaction executed.
  4. You do a same currency transfer to Central FX’s account. If you are selling ILS and buying USD, Central FX send you their ILS account details and you make an ILS to ILS transfer like you would normally with your bank.
  5. As soon as your funds clear with Central FX we will send the relevant currency out to wherever you wish and funds will clear on the same day (on majority of currencies).

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