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Bank of China Foreign Exchange Review - Money Transfer Services

Company: Bank of China
Margin Rate: 5
Commission Rate: 2
FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

Bank of China Foreign Exchange Review - Money Transfer Services

Bank of China transfers of money for personal or business or corporate purpose have become a part of daily routine. With the transfer of money becoming very easy and convenient now, the distances of the countries have minimized thereby making the world come closer. Due to online banking, online shopping and bookings have become very easy. Banks, foreign exchange bureaus, currency brokers, financial institutions, agents and others do transfer of money. A person can transfer his money overseas from either source that suits him by several modes available. Currency transfers have not been easily available the way it is available today than the business overseas would not have been conducted smoothly.

Bank of China Foreign Exchange services is one of the five biggest state-owned commercial banks that are in the People’s Republic of China. Bank of China was founded mainly with the motto of replacing the Imperial Bank of China. Bank of China Foreign Exchange services have since the time it had been founded in 1912 and has reached a great level of success for the efficient and widespread services that it provides through its branches that are spread globally.

As a student, parent, businessperson, employee and so on you need to transfer money overseas for some or the other matter. While transferring your hard earned money abroad, the most important matter of concern is to find the cheapest, secured and fastest way of transferring our money overseas and in time. I have learned this after going through it several times and have almost tried all types of sources through which money can be sent overseas. Banks play a vital role in helping us to transfer our hard earned money in overseas branches.

However, banks sound to be expensive but they are considered to be the safest mode of transferring your funds abroad in more than one country at the same time. Bank of China Foreign Exchange service has an extensive network of its branches in China and overseas spread all over the world. Bank of China money transfer services is known for its service of remitting money in various currencies via telegraphic transfers and or by demand draft. Bank of China foreign exchange services assures transfer of your money abroad in a very safe and quick way.

While transferring money overseas by Bank of China’s telegraphic transfer service you need to necessarily provide the bank with the details of the amount to be remitted, Payee’s name, Payee’s account number, beneficiary’s name, account number and beneficiary’s bank details along with the SWIFT code. These information’s should be hundred percent accurate in order to make the transaction successful.

While making the transfer through a demand draft you need to provide details of the amount to be transferred and in what currency along with the name and address of the Payee. In such you even need to request to the bank in order to remit the funds to the beneficiary on presentation of the draft.

The Bank of China money transfer services has a flat fee for the transfer and or a fee for certain intervals over that amount. Thus, while transferring money through Bank of China money transfer services it is better to make sure to get the details of both the flat fee and the interval fees first in order to avoid confusions later on.

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