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Bank of Baroda Money Transfer Service

Company: Bank of Baroda
Margin Rate: 5
Commission Rate: 2
FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

Bank of Baroda Money Transfer Service

Millions of money is transferred form India to other countries round the globe. Transferring services in India have greatly improved with the times and are up to the mark with modern transfer services. Payments to be made and payments to be received both ways there are numerous transactions taking place daily. In India nationalised banks, private banks, multi national banks, foreign banks and simultaneously foreign exchange bureaus, currency brokers and other financial agents are all involved in providing people with the service of making payments overseas and receiving payments from all over the world in any kind of currency of their choice.

Bank of Baroda is India’s state owned bank providing wide range of financial services along with banking services to its customers. It is a global bank having its branches spread over in India and other 24 countries. Bank of Baroda is well known for the services that it provides to its customers round the clock. Banking services is available on the counter in the banks branches only during their working hours, while internet banking and mobile banking can be performed at any hour of your convenience and on any day of the year. Deposits, Advances, remittance services, collection facility, foreign exchange business, ATM or Credit card facility, e-products and others are some of the products and services that you can enjoy at Bank of Baroda.

Bank of Baroda is the good choice for transferring money overseas. They not only transfer your money but at the same time would guide you for free and help you to choose the best suitable way by which you can transfer your money abroad at the lowest fee and highest foreign exchange rate. Bank of Baroda provides various online services free of cost and free hassles of paperwork. The service charges for certain services are levied which are revised from time to time and hence it is important to clear out all the details pertaining to service charge and transfer before making your transaction.

Bank of Baroda allows its customers to remit money form one branch or country to another through demand draft, Mail Transfers, Telegraphic Transfers, Baroda e-money transfer, Real Time Gross settlement, Money Transfer service scheme, Baroda Remit express and many other ways. It also allows you to collect your funds through high value clearing, local clearing, National clearing and international clearing, all express service and or regular service. The service charges for the services depend on the nature of the service you have opted for.

Bank of Baroda has been dedicated to its customers by fulfilling their commitments and responsibilities towards its customers with a smile. Transferring f money through bank of Baroda had been a great experience and very safe. The kind of healthy customer and banker relationship that I have experienced with bank of Baroda I have not found with any other bank or financial institutes. Bank of Baroda is also always ready to welcome the grievances or any suggestions of its customers in order to improve their services.

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