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Allied Irish Bank Foreign Exchange Review - Money Transfer Services

Company: Allied Irish Bank
Margin Rate: 5
Commission Rate: 2
FCA Regulated: FCA Regulated

Allied Irish Bank Foreign Exchange Review - Money Transfer Services

The services of banks have broadened in today’s modern business era. No more banks are just limited to the extent of deposits and loans and cash withdrawals. Today banks provide its customers with banking services, financial assistance, insurance guidance and time to time help their customers in growing their business. Banking has shifted fast from counter banking to mobile and online banking. Mobile and online banking is round the clock banking for the entire year. To maintain their existence in the competitive world banks necessarily needs to give out best services along with proper customer services and guidance to its customers.

Allied Irish Bank Foreign Exchange service is regarded as one of the big four banks of Ireland, wherein it provides its customers with full range of personal and corporate banking services. Allied Irish Bank is a financial services group that operate predominantly in both UK and in the Republic of Ireland. In recent years Allied Irish Bank has been restructured with its aim of becoming customer focused, lower risk institution with the aim of making a profit in order to support the economic recovery in Ireland.

Along with the commercial growth and success of Allied Irish Bank Foreign Exchange service, it also ID committed to its resources towards the social responsibility for the society by making a positive contribution to society through Allied Irish Bank’s corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Allied Irish Bank’s Money Transfer online banking services are very simple, easy and faster with their full explanatory website that instructs every step to its customers. Any queries relating to online banking is answered through their Help Centre. The Relationship Manager of Allied Irish Bank is ever ready to help you with your individual business requirements and thereby make tailored finance solutions for you in order to face your business challenges. Online banking of Allied Irish Bank is very safe and secured way of banking that can be done by you at your convenient time and place that suits you. Allied Irish Bank Money Transfer services helps you to maintain all your clients and third party funds with their Virtual Account Manager, VAM is Allied

Irish Bank’s banks latest cash management system that allow you to manage your clients and third party accounts online from your desktop. If you choose Allied Irish Bank’s Merchant Services than it would be, a great help to you in providing satisfactory services to your own customers. Allied Irish Bank provides you with unique retail solutions that would guarantee you transfer of your payments to take place easily, quickly and safely. Allied Irish Bank also facilitates your payments quickly and securely over any channel, that your customer favours that is online, counter, over the phone and even on the go. Allied Irish Bank allows you to have an access to online reporting tools that would help you and your business to plan and grow further. It also provides you with a rapid decision making and efficient processing of payment orders and shipping documents within 24 hours for your international business. Allied Irish Bank Money Transfer services is also ready to access you with specialist advice on prevailing conditions in the currency markets.

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